Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Things are not as they seem.............

Sometimes you see something and experience some shock & awe.  I found this grave marker:

I could not believe that someone would put something like this on a grave marker.  My husband refused to take the picture so I did.  Mainly because Churchill is a name that I descend from.  I came home and just had to tell my father about it, I figured that it was their hateful children because he had died around the time of WW1 and she died in 1946.  But that wasn't the case I found out, they didn't have any children.  Come to find out after researching the couple.  The husband & wife were very much a big part of their community and well liked.  He was a judge, town moderator and had no affiliation with Germany, Hitler or Nazism at all.  But him and his wife did live for awhile in an Indian community and I have been told that there are some Indians that use to use this "symbol" so maybe that is why it is there.  I am not listing where this grave marker is because the people are highly respected in their town and I would like it to stay that way.  But my concern and disgust turned to admiration for the couple and the high standards they held in their community.  Definitely 2 people that wanted the best for the town that they lived in, loving, caring people!!
See, things are not always as they seem, a little bit of research can turn a shock into admiration of 2 people!  I think this is why if something I feared, I would get books and research the subject and release all my fears, this good practice that I enstilled in my life at a young age became a good experience for me in my latter years!

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JT said...

This is a really old post, but I stumbled upon it while doing a google search for grave markers. That swastika, if it was carved into the headstone after the first individual's death (most likely around WWI) would not have had any association with the Nazi swastika at all. In fact, that was a common symbol for "good luck" and "happiness" all over the world until Nazi Germany really started the war machine just prior to WW2. In fact, even Coca Cola used the swastika in their ads and it was found on children's toys, etc. It was a very simple, innocent symbol until it was bastardized by the Nazis. I hope that helps you feel better about this grave marker, as it is actually meant to convey a nice message that was sadly tarnished later on.