Saturday, August 6, 2011

Horse Hill Cemetery

Concord, New Hampshire Books

I have found several very informative books about Concord, New Hampshire and have found information in them about the Hoit/Hoyt family, Elliot family and new found ancestor relatives.

Concord, New Hampshire

this is the first place that I went. I have always wanted to go there since I found out that my family use to live here. I first went to a cemetery called Horse Hill. It is in the same area that the family lived in. It is very nice here, very peaceful. I looked around and imagined what it would be like back in their day, since this time I have learned so much more than what I could imagine at this time! I couldn't find his grave but I found his brother's graves and Hannah Elliot Hoit's sisters graves. One married Jedidiah's brother Joseph Hoit, another married Jonathan Uran and they are all buried here. The only other family I could find was Jedidiah & Hannah's daughter Naomi Hoit Baker who is buried with her husband Marshall Baker and 2 of their daughters.

Hoit/Hoyt family

I have been researching my Hoit/Hoyt family to become genealogy certified.
Have found out a lot about my grandmother's family and a lot about myself as well.
46 years ago, my Grandfather Cannon passed away, can't believe it's been that long! But that summer I went and stayed with my Grandmother so that she would not be alone. She came from a family of polygamist and she loved every single one of them and use to talk about them with such pride! I could not believe that she could remember that many peoples names so she got me started on typing up her family group sheets. I would ask her about each and every person and she had an answer for everyone except for one. I held up Jedediah Hoyt and Hannah Elliot family group sheet and she said that they knew very little about them, that they were on the east coast side of the family. I thought to myself that I would someday learn about these people. He pretty much stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. I named my second son after him, he was born 2 months early, didn't have time to re-check the family group sheet that I had, so I shortened his middle name to "Jed". I didn't know if he spelled it Jedidiah or Jedediah but I found out later how he spelled his name, how he wrote his name, everything about him *S* What a trip this has been!!!!

Been gone awhile.......

3 years to be exact but I am back, been very busy here, will try to update my travels and experiences here now.