Monday, October 24, 2011

Pillsbury Family line

Just got started on the Pillsbury Family line, should be interesting.  I know that Hannah Pillsbury married Joseph Hoit and that was our beginning link to the Pillsbury family line.  I know I checked and found out that we are relatives of the founders of Pillsbury, Inc.  but of course, not a close tie but we share dna. That's about all I know currently, hope by the end of the week that I will know more. 

I just started and am finding a lot of our relatives were in the American Revolutionary War.  I love studying and learning about the American Revolutionary War.  It always amazes me about the war that was on the land that we currently lived on.  I like to imagine the spirit that they had fighting for their land and beliefs.  Sometimes it was neighbor against neighbor, some had uniforms, some didn't and NO SHOES.  I can't imagine going out in no shoes and in the snow.  I think if someone knocked on my door and I opened it and they told me I had to go the snow..........march, fight, kill or be killed that the door would swing shut real fast with me still inside the house!  I don't think I evolved well......there goes Darwin's theory right INSIDE the door!

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