Saturday, September 24, 2011

My first Brick Wall

I am going to try to post 1 family info and 1 genealogy info post each time I post.  My first brick wall took me 30 years to solve.  Yep, sometimes it takes awhile to figure things out.  Most of my experience with genealogy happened before the internet.  It was not so easy to find things before the internet happened.  The name of the rascal that gave me the first brick wall was a man named Julius Mason.  He was born in CT, went to NY then went to WI.  I couldn't find him to save my soul.  Back in the had to wait 100 years after a persons death to get a birth or death certificate.  I knew that he had lived in WI because his son William Henry Mason came from there.  A little over 10 years ago I was messin' on the internet and started typing in his name Julius Mason.  I came up with nothing on RootsWeb and Yahoo Search (Google was not around then).  Then I typed in his wife's name and came up with something on RootsWeb.  A daughter or granddaughter had written up a story about them and left it on her webpage.  It was awesome!  I found out that he had lived to be 97 years old, died in WI!!!!  I looked around and wanted to tell my grandmother but then it dawned on me that since she passed away in 1978, that she probably already knew.  She had told me at the time that the family was upset that after William Henry Mason had passed away that his wife married into a polygamous LDS family and wouldn't give us any information.  Times have definitely changed!
This ancestor of mine caused me great heartache or frustration rather that I couldn't go further on that family line than him.  I have since gone quite a ways back on his family line!
Don't give up, it might take awhile to find or solve your brick wall person.  Go on to other family lines but remember to go back and search your problem family line.  You will find something eventually, never doubt that.  Sometimes what I do is when I find that I am stressing, I stop and go on to another family line.  Then I go back and it somehow comes together but the old saying "Patience is a Virtue" is true in this case.  Patience is not my strong suit but it has to be in cases such as this.

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