Friday, September 2, 2011

Historical Societies

I must admit, I'm all for Historical Societies. I am delighted when people bring in pictures, old family heirlooms for all to see. To me it means that future generations will get to see the pictures or family heirlooms and they won't be locked up, forgotten in someone's attic for no one for the mice to see.
It is very sad for me to see historical societies disappear due to lack of interest, funds, etc. These historical societies are there for US. We need to find a way to keep them. Lots of times it's the locals who have been there for generations that know the history of the town and the people that have lived for generations in that town. I love the big state or regional historical societies, don't get me wrong on that account. But the small, individual town historical societies are the heartbeat of genealogy work. Someone who lives and works in the state capital that has the state historical society doesn't know what a town historical society knows about the area. They know what they are given, whereas, locals know what they have experienced and heard about all of their lives.

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