Saturday, August 6, 2011

Concord, New Hampshire

this is the first place that I went. I have always wanted to go there since I found out that my family use to live here. I first went to a cemetery called Horse Hill. It is in the same area that the family lived in. It is very nice here, very peaceful. I looked around and imagined what it would be like back in their day, since this time I have learned so much more than what I could imagine at this time! I couldn't find his grave but I found his brother's graves and Hannah Elliot Hoit's sisters graves. One married Jedidiah's brother Joseph Hoit, another married Jonathan Uran and they are all buried here. The only other family I could find was Jedidiah & Hannah's daughter Naomi Hoit Baker who is buried with her husband Marshall Baker and 2 of their daughters.

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